About Tournamental


Your Hosts

Chris Nash is a li'l champion! He grew up playing Tournamental with his pals and he'd love to play it with you too!

Chris Nash

Once, Jay Jamesons dotted the hillsides like so many lovely flowers. Today, there are fewer than two of these treasures left in the wild.

Jay Jameson

Cameron has the heart of a champion, and the rest of the body of a champion. He is also the most best.

Cameron Hart

Truss Russ.


History of the Game


Tournamental is life. It is the greatest podcast of all time and was created by the most brilliant men alive. Nah, just kidding.

It was originally a bracket-based tournament game played in the notebooks of four dummies who were bored in high school. I mean, how was Pre-Confederation Canadian History supposed to hold the attention span of these boys when they were busy arguing whether Pamela Anderson could beat the Punisher in a hot dog swallowing contest?

School never stood a chance and Tournamental prevailed! The game was refined over time, through university and beyond, and those boys grew up to men. Strapping men with hot bods. Strapping men with hot bods who constantly make poor choices like working crappy jobs and accruing crippling debt. And all they have left is Tournamental (the world’s most perfect podcast), so please don’t take this away from them! Please!

About the Game


Tournamental is the world’s best way to discuss anything you can conceive of and how it relates to everything else. It’s a game that promotes light-hearted debate to advance the characters you think are the best. The rules are simple:

1. Come up with a bunch of characters you think are neat.
2. Come up with a few scenarios you’d like to see them in.
3. Discuss!

As one character advances, the losing character is removed and the process continues until there is only one champion.

* * *

Tournamental Podcast is a show recorded weekly by four friends who are probably 15% as funny as they think they are. But they have a great time and their laughter is infectious! The beauty of the show is that the format stays reliable from one episode to the next, but the content is ever-changing. And always absurdly outlandish. For instance:

Who would you rather give all the world’s money to:

Bugs Bunny Playing a Racist Asian Stereotype
A Goat with Scrapers on His Hooves?

This is an example of an argument from episode 12 that almost brought the gang to fisticuffs. So if you’re a Clever Clara and not a Dumb Darren, then Tournamental Podcast is the show for you! New episodes come out every Monday morning and can be found on iTunes or Podbean.