Episode 121: “Tournament of the Inferior IV: Your Mom and the Dumpster Clown”

October 17, 2016


Donald Trump shot in the face. Bare Bones Barry Bonds Baring Barer Bonds. Diggity Dango Babinski Ping Pong Face. A Nine Foot Pile of Beans. Optimus Pride. The Light Packer Heat Packing Punk Pecking Pelican. Leon Wetlegs Purcell. Overhead Bin Laden. The Church of Ladder Jay Snakes. Chocolate Wifi. The Cokey Monster. Gollum with the One Ring to Rule the Mall. Klaxon the baby with the Civil War Era Pistol. Mango Unchained. Dumpster Clown. The Hounds From the Hood.


  1. Who would you rather have read you a bed time story and then bang your mom?
  2. Who would you rather have as the stuffing in your bean bag chair?
  3. Who would better impersonate a rocket ship?
  4. Who would you rather have replace the sun?